Security & Escrow Deposits

Episode 125: Taking Over The New Account

Episode 118: Tenant Breaking The Lease and Forfeitures

Episode 117: Tenant Using Security Deposit for Last Months Rent

Episode 119: Who Should Hold The Escrow Deposits

Episode 116: Top Security Deposit Questions

Episode 113: Multiplier

– How the $3000 attorney’s fee judgment can morph into the $9000 judgment before your eyes!

Episode 106: Mutual Termination

– Parting ways with the tenant and tying up all loose ends in the process

Episode 105: Promissory Note

– Properly make the deal and putting it in writing

Episode 64: The Tenants Last Known Address

– No forwarding address. Now what?

Episode 57: Security Deposit is Not Yours

– Are you treating the tenant’s money the way you would like your money treated?