Security & Escrow Deposits

Episode 49: Florida Evidence Law

–   Can you bring that stack of bills into court?

Episode 48: Collections and The Property Manager

– Are you a property manager or a collection agent?

Episode 42: The Move-Out Inspection And the Tenants Presence

– Creating expectations and having surprises?

Episode 22: Renewing When Holding Last Months Rent

 – You renewed your tenant but failed to adjust the last month’s rent?

Episode 16: Lease Break Penalties to Tenant

– Automatically forfeiting the tenant’s deposit? Not so fast!

Episode 37: Sending Tenant Deposit Refunds

– Is your policy increasing the dispute probability?

Episode 8: Communicating With The Opposite Attorney

Do you respond to that attorney demand letter?

Episode 1: Gaining Possession By Abandonment

Welcome to the Property Manager’s Podcast. Abandonment is not what it may appear to be!