Owner-Manager Relationship

Episode 121: Power of Attorney Form and Lease Signing

Episode 119: Who Should Hold The Escrow Deposits

Episode 114: Managing The Stigmatized Property

Episode 6: Knowing Association Rules And Regulations

Episode 47: Confirming Ownership Before Managing

– Confirmation of ownership is crucial to success

Episode 72: Sale of the Rental Property

– The occupied home and the sale. Getting cooperation from everyone.

Episode 108: Early Intervention

– Spotting the issue and dealing with it BEFORE it becomes a problem.

Episode 104: Declining an Account

– Knowing when to say NO to that possible new account

Episode 102: Illegal Unit

– I thought that unit was grandfathered in!  Code enforcement red tagging it now?

Episode 68: Excluding Items from the Tenancy

– Forgetting to exclude items and causing expensive problems.