Owner-Manager Relationship

Episode 67: Common Myths and Misconceptions

– The law says that I can break my lease if I buy a house. Oh really?

Episode 66: Advance Rent Dangers

– A year paid in advance?  No so fast.

Episode 53: Fictitious Names

– Operating under an expired fictitious name or name not registered at all? Maybe!

Episode 52: Inherited Lease

– Do you really know the lease you inherited?

Episode 48: Collections and The Property Manager

– Are you a property manager or a collection agent?

Episode 46: Waterfront Property Issues

– Dealing with that dock or boat lift properly?

Episode 18: Successfully Contacting Your Owner and Tenant

Still getting info the old fashioned way?

Episode 7: Successfully Managing Association Governed Rentals

Is the association your friend or foe?

Episode 39: Avoiding Flood and Water Damage

– Avoiding massive damage through simple replacements.

Episode 25: Dangers of Prepaid Rent and Long Leases

– A year of rent collected in advance? Great! NOT!