Leasing Process & Procedures

Episode 21: Last Minute Inspection Prior To Occupancy

– Tenant backs out on the day of move in? Was it your fault?

Episode 17: Reducing Bank Fraud Liability

–  Avoid getting your accounts cleaned out.

Episode 15: Electric Bill Accounts And The Tenant

– Forgot to make sure the tenant put the electric into his name? You may be paying it.

Episode 14: Excluding Areas From Tenant Use

– Are you, the owner and the tenant on the same page as to what is included or excluded?

Episode 13: Drop Slot Rent Acceptance Dangers

– Why is everyone stopping the rent drop slot option? There are reasons!

Episode 12: The Dangers of Property Self Showings

– Is allowing a prospect to self show a property a good idea? We think not.

Episode 10: Understanding Bankruptcy When Screening

– Understanding bankruptcy can keep you out of trouble

Episode 3: Adding And Removing a Tenant From The Lease

The Security Deposit must be dealt with when adding or removing a tenant

Episode 2: A-C Filter Changing and Reducing Liability

Is you’re A/C filter policy a disaster waiting to happen?