Leasing Process & Procedures

Episode 6: Knowing Association Rules And Regulations

Episode 111: Work in Exchange for Rent Dangers

–   Avoiding one of the most common problems caused by the novice manager

Episode 71: Requiring Renters Insurance

 –   Reducing your liability by requiring renter’s insurance.

Episode 112: Collecting Cleared Funds Before Move In

– Reducing liability by making sure funds are cleared before keys are handed over

Episode 102: Illegal Unit

– I thought that unit was grandfathered in!  Code enforcement red tagging it now?

Episode 68: Excluding Items from the Tenancy

– Forgetting to exclude items and causing expensive problems.

Episode 66: Advance Rent Dangers

– A year paid in advance?  No so fast.

Episode 63: Lease Signing Procedures

– Who signs first and how?

Episode 61: Access Gate

–   Access gates are for the tenant’s security. Or are they?

Episode 59: Online Rent Payment Dangers

– Are the online rent payment companies causing you to lose control?