Leasing Process & Procedures

Episode 53: Fictitious Names

– Operating under an expired fictitious name or name not registered at all? Maybe!

Episode 52: Inherited Lease

– Do you really know the lease you inherited?

Episode 51: Key Release Checklist

– Looking to avoid big mistakes? Use the Checklist.

Episode 46: Waterfront Property Issues

– Dealing with that dock or boat lift properly?

Episode 32: Dangers of Electronic Document Sending

– Watch out for the new sneaky tricks tenants can pull on you.

Episode 30: Overcoming Repair Delays Due To Parts On Order

– Could you have avoided that repair delay by getting that part yourself?

Episode 27: Confirming Applicant Identification

– Forgetting to look at the applicant’s identification?

Episode 26: Long Lease Dangers and Pitfalls

– Long lease dangers to the landlord. Know them.

Episode 25: Dangers of Prepaid Rent and Long Leases

– A year of rent collected in advance? Great! NOT!

Episode 23: Advantages Of The Professional Lawn Service

– Save some money and have the tenant cut the lawn?