Non Rent Related Noncompliances

Episode 100: Tenant Wars

– Effectively ending tenant versus tenant wars

Episode 70: Noncompliances and Rent Acceptance

– How rent acceptance can completely tie your hands with a noncompliance.

Episode 44: The Unauthorized Pet

– Know how to deal with that unauthorized pet fast!

Episode 34: Properly Refusing and Returning Rent

– Know how to return rent PROPERLY

Episode 33: Tenant Denying Access for Repairs

– Tenant asking for repairs and denying access? Win that game..

Episode 15: Electric Bill Accounts And The Tenant

– Forgot to make sure the tenant put the electric into his name? You may be paying it.

Episode 4: Gaining Possession Using The Agreement To Vacate

Lean how this form can reduce evictions!

Episode 3: Adding And Removing a Tenant From The Lease

The Security Deposit must be dealt with when adding or removing a tenant

Episode 1: Gaining Possession By Abandonment

Welcome to the Property Manager’s Podcast. Abandonment is not what it may appear to be!