Tenant Removal

Episode 113: Multiplier

– How the $3000 attorney’s fee judgment can morph into the $9000 judgment before your eyes!

Episode 109: Basic Eviction

– The basic tenant eviction from beginning to end. Know the process!

Episode 107: Reducing Evictions

– Techniques to keep your eviction level as low as possible

Episode 106: Mutual Termination

– Parting ways with the tenant and tying up all loose ends in the process

Episode 105: Promissory Note

– Properly make the deal and putting it in writing

Episode 73: Three Ways of Getting Possession

– The only ways to legally get possession of the unit

Episode 53: Fictitious Names

– Operating under an expired fictitious name or name not registered at all? Maybe!

Episode 49: Florida Evidence Law

–   Can you bring that stack of bills into court?

Episode 48: Collections and The Property Manager

– Are you a property manager or a collection agent?

Episode 45: Understanding the Basic Uncontested Eviction

– Understanding the basic uncontested eviction.