Tenant Removal

Episode 20: Legally Nonrenewing the Month To Month Tenancy

–   Know the PROPER way to nonrenew a month to month tenancy

Episode 19: Safely Holding Off On Filing An Eviction

– You bought into the excuses, held off and now the owner wants to sue you?

Episode 16: Lease Break Penalties to Tenant

– Automatically forfeiting the tenant’s deposit? Not so fast!

Episode 44: The Unauthorized Pet

– Know how to deal with that unauthorized pet fast!

Episode 40: Gaining Possession Through Surrender

– Did that tenant really surrender the property to you?

Episode 38: Stipulations During The Eviction Process

– Understand this incredible tenant retention technique

Episode 34: Properly Refusing and Returning Rent

– Know how to return rent PROPERLY

Episode 33: Tenant Denying Access for Repairs

– Tenant asking for repairs and denying access? Win that game..

Episode 31: Partial Payments and Waiver Problems

– Creating a mess for yourself by taking partial payments?

Episode 15: Electric Bill Accounts And The Tenant

– Forgot to make sure the tenant put the electric into his name? You may be paying it.