Safety & Liability Reduction

Episode 50: Water Temp

– Liability for hot water burns? You bet.

Episode 48: Collections and The Property Manager

– Are you a property manager or a collection agent?

Episode 46: Waterfront Property Issues

– Dealing with that dock or boat lift properly?

Episode 42: The Move-Out Inspection And the Tenants Presence

– Creating expectations and having surprises?

Episode 41: The Dangers of Temporarily Moving The Tenant

 – Being too nice in accommodating your displaced tenant can backfire on you

Episode 65: The Pet Application

– Making the pet application a standard part of doing business

Episode 39: Avoiding Flood and Water Damage

– Avoiding massive damage through simple replacements.

Episode 32: Dangers of Electronic Document Sending

– Watch out for the new sneaky tricks tenants can pull on you.

Episode 27: Confirming Applicant Identification

– Forgetting to look at the applicant’s identification?

Episode 21: Last Minute Inspection Prior To Occupancy

– Tenant backs out on the day of move in? Was it your fault?