Safety & Liability Reduction

Episode 123: Document Retention Policies

Episode 114: Managing The Stigmatized Property

Episode 61: Access Gate

Episode 54: The Writ Of Posession And The Full Unit

– It is eviction day and nothing has been moved out at all.  Do you immediately dispose of everything?

Episode 108: Early Intervention

– Spotting the issue and dealing with it BEFORE it becomes a problem.

Episode 62: Tipping Stove

– The $10 fix to avoid the $5,000,000 judgment .

Episode 61: Access Gate

–   Access gates are for the tenant’s security. Or are they?

Episode 60: Application Security

– The ticking time bombs sitting on your desk.

Episode 56: Vendor Contact

– Keeping vendors from causing you big problems with your tenants.

Episode 51: Key Release Checklist

– Looking to avoid big mistakes? Use the Checklist.