During The Tenancy

Episode 101: Curable Noncompliance

– Dealing with common curable problems.

Episode 100: Tenant Wars

– Effectively ending tenant versus tenant wars

Episode 70: Noncompliances and Rent Acceptance

– How rent acceptance can completely tie your hands with a noncompliance.

Episode 59: Online Rent Payment Dangers

– Are the online rent payment companies causing you to lose control?

Episode 58: Policy Versus the Law

– Will the Judge care about your work order submission policy?

Episode 56: Vendor Contact

– Keeping vendors from causing you big problems with your tenants.

Episode 41: The Dangers of Temporarily Moving The Tenant

 – Being too nice in accommodating your displaced tenant can backfire on you

Episode 20: Legally Nonrenewing the Month To Month Tenancy

–   Know the PROPER way to nonrenew a month to month tenancy

Episode 19: Safely Holding Off On Filing An Eviction

– You bought into the excuses, held off and now the owner wants to sue you?

Episode 7: Successfully Managing Association Governed Rentals

Is the association your friend or foe?