During The Tenancy

Episode 124: Nonpayment of Rent – The Proper Notice

Episode 117: Tenant Using Security Deposit for Last Months Rent

Episode 115: Subleting By Your Tenants

Episode 110: Dealing with Past Due Amounts Owed By the Tenant

– Dealing with Past Due Amounts Owed By the Tenant

Episode 72: Sale of the Rental Property

– The occupied home and the sale. Getting cooperation from everyone.

Episode 69: Late and Partial Payments Policy and Procedures

– Can you crack down on the chronic late payer?

Episode 55: Dangers of Withholding Information From Us

– Conveniently forgot to tell your lawyer an important detail before that eviction?

Episode 108: Early Intervention

– Spotting the issue and dealing with it BEFORE it becomes a problem.

Episode 107: Reducing Evictions

– Techniques to keep your eviction level as low as possible

Episode 106: Mutual Termination

– Parting ways with the tenant and tying up all loose ends in the process